If you have worn a pair of eyewear with Bluetooth headset, you will know the inconvenience that follows. Well, not if that piece of eyewear is also your Bluetooth headset and we are not talking about any headset that will “inconvenience” your ears, it is one that uses Bone Conduction technology, which basically does away with earpiece. Such is what the Atellani SG05 Bluetooth Bone Conduction Sunglasses by Buhel is about. Officially called SOUNDglasses, this pair of eyewear offers you handsfree communication by sending audio or music in the form of vibration directly to your temple area. In this way, it negates the need for earpiece which could be cumbersome at some point (especially with a pair of sunglasses) and since nothing is stuck to your ears, you have higher level of awareness, and therefore improved in the safety aspect. And that’s not to mention that by using vibration, there’s no ambience noise to worry about.

Atellani SG05 Bluetooth Bone Conduction Sunglasses by Buhel

For the uninitiated, Bone Conduction technology has been around for quite a while. It is mainly used to aid those with listening disability to hear and as such, the technology has already proven itself. So what can you do with this Bone Conduction sunglasses? Everything you do with a regular Bluetooth headset, including make and take calls, listen to music, and activate voice assistant such as Siri, Cortana and Google Now. Doing all those while maintaining your level of awareness of the surrounding. The best part is, you never have to deal with another accessory.

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Atellani SG05 Bluetooth Bone Conduction Sunglasses by Buhel is currently Kickstarter campaign, where for $165, you can secure yourself a pair for June delivery and it is the first Kickstarter project to offer 100 percent shipping guarantee with no extra cost. This offer is extended to all backers and if in the event that Atellani fails to ship the rewards within in a month, you have the right to ask for a full refund. A pretty bold move by Atellani we must say and a show of confidence in their operations and product, which in turn give backers the much needed assurance. Perhaps that explains why the product is well over 400 percent funded? Go check them out. You have eight days to commit.

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