First of all, let us just say that we don’t believe the PlayStation 5 will look like this. However, this latest render by Concept Creator is possibly the render that makes more sense over the last one we saw.

The last one based straight off the patent filed by Sony Interactive Entertainment. While this one is no different, it has Concept Creator’s input, basing on the leaks posted by Zone Of Tech (HERE and HERE) and yes, it includes the rumored touchscreen-equipped DualShock controller.

Playstation 5 Rendered by Concept Creator

It is worthy to note that nothing is concrete here. The leak was a development kit and as such, the appearance will differ.

As we said in the beginning, we don’t believe the next-generation PlayStation will look like this. Knowing Sony, we believe it will be more minimal.

Even though Concept Creator’s render is considerably toned down over the development kit, it just don’t feel like this is it. Not that it is not pretty. It is. Just that it not the Sony we believe we have known over the years. But the controller is plausible, though. It looks just about right.

Anyways, we will let you be your own judge on this. Continue reading to find a video of the render by Concept Creator.

Images: YouTube (Concept Creator).

Source: T3.

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