You know this is going to happen sooner or later. I am talking unofficial renders of some product after its apparently discovery of its patent-filing. In this instance, it is the Sony Playstation 5. We heard Sony is furious about the leak and even more flabbergasted when one senior developer at Codemasters confirmed on Twitter (which has been deleted now) that the renders were actually the Playstation 5 Dev Kit.

The patent page was first uncovered by LetsGoDigital whom subsequently proceed to create its own render of the device. From both the patent filing diagrams and the renders by LetsGoDigital, we do not believe that it will be the final design by any stretch. Come on, it is Sony that we are talking about. Besides, it was confirmed that it was a Dev Kit and so… OK. Maybe it is just me sincerely wishing it is not the case.

Playstation 5 Dev Kit Render Leaked

Anywho, if this otherworldly spaceship-like design that somehow also resembles some sort of futuristic night vision device is true, it will be a major departure from any of Sony Playstation design that came before it. If you ask me, a machine with a design like this looks does look like a prop from some sci-fi shows and I can’t help but to notice that it has a strong 90s vibe to it. By ‘90s vibe’, I do mean a non-minimalist form.

In conclusion, anything that we hear and see up to this point are nothing more than speculations and therefore, it is pointless to write an essay on it. Instead, we will let you feast your eyes on the renders and be the judge on whether it will be the eventual PS5 design and if it is, whether or not its a yay or nay.

Images: LetsGoDigital.

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Source: Digital Trend.

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