This is the time that separates fans from hype train passengers. For example, if you are still collecting MCU merchandises and scouring the Internet for info on MCU, then you are definitely a fan. If so, may we interest you on the Drop + Marvel Infinity Saga Artisan Keycap?

Drop + Marvel Infinity Saga Artisan Keycap

The Drop + Marvel Infinity Saga Artisan Keycap is Drop’s first collaboration with Marvel. It puts iconic objects from the Marvel Cinematic Universe, including Thor’s Mjolnir, Iron Man’s nano gauntlet and Captain America’s shield and hammer, into the keycaps.

Made from resin and meticulously hand-painted by artisans in New Zealand, these keycaps are compatible with Cherry MX switches and clones and are officially licensed by Marvel.

Drop + Marvel Infinity Saga Artisan Keycap

You probably won’t just get one. You will want all three because, each keycap is designated for certain keys. In the case of the Mjolnir, it is for Escape Key, Function row, and number row lens, while Cap’s Shield and Mjolnir and the Nano Gauntlet are for Backspace key and Enter and Left Shift keys, respectively.

That said, it will cost you quite a bit. The Mjolnir sells for 60 bucks and both Cap’s and Iron Man’s goes for $80 a pop. That means all three will run you back at US$220, which is a lot for keycaps, but hey, at least it can hit it without jabbing your digits. While pricey, you can’t deny the cool factor. I’d say they are must-haves for any super fan of MCU.

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