Remember netbooks? You know, those crazy small laptops that were all the rage mostly before tablets arrived? Well, unbeknownst to us, it continues to live till today. One-Netbook is one of the brands that specializes exclusively in making netbooks and the OneMix 3 Pro you see here the brand’s latest offering.

Unlike netbook of the past, which typically employs lesser processors, OneMix 3 Pro is not slouch. It has a 10th-generation Intel Core i5-10210Y under the hood, thus making it the smallest laptop with a 10th-gen Intel chip in the market.

OneMix 3 Pro Laptop

Aesthetically, it looked like a MacBook after being zapped by Szalinzki’s Shrinking Machine. No I am serious. It could pass off as a micro MacBook.

It begs the question: why on Earth does anyone need such a tiny laptop? About that… I am guessing if you felt the need to get a keyboard cover for your tablet, then you will need this laptop. Here’s why…

OneMix 3 Pro Laptop

Firstly, it is definitely way more powerful than a tablet (it’s 10th-gen Intel processor!) and secondly, it is also a touchscreen device. Also, it runs on everyone’s favorite (or maybe not) Windows 10 OS. Plus, damn, this little fellow is quite a looker.

Other details include an 8.4-inch 2K IPS touch display (2,560 x 1,600 pixels, 358ppi), 360-degree hinge, 16 GB RAM and 512 GB PCIe SSD, a full-size backlit keyboard, built-in fingerprint sensor, a 8,600 mAh 3.7V battery with support for Power Delivery via USB-C and an unibody aluminum chassis that tips the scales at just 0.65 kilogram (1.43 lbs) and no thicker than 14 mm.

OneMix 3 Pro Laptop

It comes with a stylus pen that supports 4096 level of pressure. You can pre-order the OneMix 3 Pro in stateside via Amazon for a discounted $1,139.99 (U.P.: $1,499.99). OneMix 3s Pro will be released on December 15, 2019 and so it should be in time for the Holidays.

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If you prefer, there’s an 8th-gen i7 variant, known as the OneMix 3s Platinum Edition (which looks even snazzier IMHO) selling for $1,319.99.

OneMix 3 Pro Laptop

Images: One-Netbook.

Hat tip: YouTube (Unbox Therapy).

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