I am as wary of any new tech product from little known companies that are on Kickstarter, but somehow, we have to mention the VOIXATCH. VOIXATCH is the first smartwatch that features a built-in Bluetooth headset, so you won’t look silly speaking into an object on your wrist. Sorry, folks. The only one person who won’t silly doing that is good’ol Dick Tracy.

VOIXATCH Smartwatch with Bluetooth Headset

VOIXATCH has both LTE and GPS which essentially lets you hit the road without your regular smartphone. Who knows, it may help to reduce your screen time like the made-for-tweens smartwatch promised to do for kids.

Jokes aside, VOIXATCH’s pitch is actually pretty ingenious. Notice the unusually huge bezel? It actually doubles as a Bluetooth headset with integrated speaker and microphone, albeit one that looks pretty odd on the ear.

The bezel is also a fashion statement, so in theory, you could have a few different colors and switch them around to suit your mood or occasion – that’s if you don’t mind having so many BT headsets laying around.

VOIXATCH Smartwatch with Bluetooth Headset

Under the hood, it is powered by ARM Cortex-A53 chip touting quadcore processor and 1.5 GHz clock speed, with 1 GB RAM and 8 GB onboard storage. It gets a 1.30” AMOLED circular display, packs heart rate and gyro sensor, and a 530 mAh battery good for two days. The BT headset features a Qualcomm QCC3026 chipset and connects to the watch via Bluetooth 5.0.

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A few other notables include notifications, fitness tracking, IP67 rating, and on-wrist charging for BT headset.

If you believe in VOIXATCH Smartwatch with BT Headset and want one, you may want to join the 200+ backers who have contributed over $40,000 in funding on Kickstarter to pre-order a unit for $179 or more.


Source: Yanko Design.

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