Solisly sBOX26w Portable Solar Charger

Don’t you wish trees have power outlet when you are out in the wilderness? Like, seriously, sometimes your adventure depends on it (power). The most obvious solution is to load yourself up with power banks and unnecessarily weighing yourself down in the process, or you could look to Solisly sBOX26w Portable Solar Charger.

Solisly sBOX26w Portable Solar Charger

Clearly, Solisly isn’t the first to do this, but it does has the advantage of being a new product. Being a new product means it has all the new features and functionalities like, for example, a whopping 26,800 mAh capacity and the ability to charge three devices simultaneously – including one Qi wireless charging device, such as the newer generation iPhones.

And while it is charging three devices, the sBOX26w itself can also be charged at the same time via the micro USB port. In addition, it has a built in triple mode flashlight that lets you shine your way, or send out SOS signal, plus there is a solar panel integrated into it so when the situation calls for it, you can harness the the sun to keep the power bank topped.

Unfortunately, though, it is not of military standard kind of tough. Considering it is peddle as an adventure gear, it really should. Well, at least it is water resistance, though. However, no rated has been provided with respect to water resistance.

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Solisly has taken to Kickstarter to peddle its ware. If you are so incline, you can help to make it a reality by backing for a product. Depending on how soon you act on it, Solisly sBOX26w Portable Solar Charger will run you back at $50-60. Keep going for a slow-mo laden pitch video.

Solisly sBOX26w Portable Solar Charger

Images: Solisly.