Here’s a LEGO Ideas submission that will put a smile on skiing enthusiasts’ faces. Even if you are not a skiing person, this kinetic sculpture will mesmerize you too.

Proposed LEGO Ideas Set Chairlift

The beauty of this creation, aptly called Chairlift, by LEGO Ideas member Brickeric is it is designed in such a way that it allows for manual operation using the lever attached to the mountain station wheel – in addition to the automation as you can see in the video embedded after the post.

Adding to the realism is, of course, its minifig scale and also the opening/closing safety bar of each ski lift.

When not ferrying avid minifig skiers, the chair lift can transport balls too, turning it into a working GBC.

Proposed LEGO Ideas Set Chairlift

All told, this proposed LEGO Ideas Chairlift set, which has 10 carts, has 1,100 parts. Impressive and it will sure make for a great conversational piece in any home. And for skiing enthusiasts, a piece that lets you proudly proclaim your passion.

If you are like what you see, perhaps you may want to consider dropping your one precious support on LEGO Ideas to help Brickeric’s LEGO Chairlift reach its next milestone of 5,000 supporters.

Proposed LEGO Ideas Set Chairlift

Images: LEGO Ideas (Brickeric).

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