Grady’s Cold Brew

Grady's Cold Brew
Grady’s Cold Brew | US$30.00 |

when the heat is swelling up, the last thing you want is to down a hot cup of your favorite caffeinated brew. it’s hot dude, so it’s going to make you feel worst about the heat. if you are a practical coffee drinker, you would choose the ice cold route (no, not the beer – though that would help too) but getting a mug of home brew ice cold coffee is more than just dumping ice cubes into a cooled brew. instead of putting down your hard earned money on cold drip contraption that would probably takes longer to turn out a measly cup of cold joe than it would take you to enter the dreamland, you can grab yourself a couple of Grady’s Cold Brew and satisfy your caffeine addiction almost in an instant. the three words of the product name don’t quite say it all but the Grady’s Cold Brew is actually a fragrant coffee concentrate that is made from a special blend of freshly roasted coffee, grounded chicory and spices, steeped overnight and put through a two-step filtration process. the result is a super-smooth concentrate that is ready to mix with your favorite milk or cold water, giving you eight cups of ice cold coffee with its original flavor that would otherwise be lost in a hot brew process. unfortunately, this heavenly caffeine enjoyment is only available in state side and it comes as a 2-pack 32 oz (946 ml) bottles for $30, or if you happen to be New York City, a half dozen and a dozen Grady’s Cold Brew Office Crate ($81 and $144, respectively) are available for delivery to you. though, the latter is only available to select zip codes only.

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