A Guide To Traveling The World With Your Animal

Traveling across the world with your pet can be an exciting way to spice up solo adventures and to ensure that your pet is not left in temporary accommodation or that it does not miss you while you are gone.

Not only this, but many people travel with their pets in order to enter them in competitions or to participate in sports with them, such as horse riding. To ensure that both you and your pet have a great time while you are away, read this comprehensive guide to traveling with your animal.

• Check Travel Restrictions
When you are traveling with an animal, you cannot simply jump onto a plane, and you should ensure that you check the travel restrictions for your animal before you go. For instance, if you are transporting a small animal, you should check whether they are allowed in hand luggage or whether they will have to be stored in a separate area of the plane. You must also check what the quarantine requirements are for entering your destination country to ensure that you will not be putting unnecessary stress on your animal.

• Find Pet-Friendly Activities
There is no point in taking your animal abroad if you are not going to be using the opportunity to strengthen to bond between you. You should check the surrounding area for beautiful natural environments and walks that your animal will love to explore. However, you should check that these are accommodating to animals, such as if they have dog-friendly beaches or if they have horse riding paths.

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• Prepare and Train Your Animal
It is important that you have a strong bond with your horse before you go abroad, as this will ensure that your animal experiences as little stress as possible at the travel arrangements. To strengthen the bond between you and your animal and prepare them for any competitions or events that you have arranged for them, you should consider booking specialist training programs with horse trainer Clinton Anderson before you leave.

A Guide To Traveling The World With Your Animal
Photo by Patrick Hendry on Unsplash.

• Find Animal-Friendly Accommodation
If you are taking a dog or another small pet abroad, you should look for pet-friendly accommodation in the area that you are staying in. If you are struggling to find a hotel that takes in pets, you should check self-catering lets on websites such as Airbnb. For larger animals, such as horses, you should look for local stables and other facilities that can care for your horses while you are abroad, and check that you are comfortable with these arrangements.

• Look At Different Destinations
There are many different destinations abroad that may tantalize the senses of both you and your pet. For instance, European countries such as Amsterdam are known for their vibrant and lengthy routes for both dog-walkers and horse riders. In contrast, many vicinity of Canada, such as Vancouver, are filled with pet hot-spots where they can explore and play with other animals.

• Check Your Travel Insurance
Not only do you have to think of travel insurance for yourself when you are abroad, but you should also find the right insurance options for your pet as well. Although some pet insurance companies cover travel, this is not always the case, and to make sure that your pet is covered in case of injury or an emergency while they are outside of your home country, it is vital that you take out an insurance plan that provides for both you and your adored pet.

Featured photo by Lynda B on Unsplash.