if you think ride-on toys like the Range Rover Sport 12V is a luxury for kids, you ain’t seen nothing yet. when it comes down to the ultimate in luxury miniature car for kids, the third-generation Henes Broon Electric Cars For Kids are guaranteed to take the cake. familiar automobile features like independent suspension systems, disc brakes, differential steering, four-wheel drive, electric power steering, working hood, trunk and doors, body-hugging bucket seat, and a full suite of lighting systems are mostly standard flair for full-size, road going cars, but put all those in a kiddie ride? that goes beyond luxury and to a point of extravagant, and yes, those are the features you can find in the third-generation Henes Broon Electric Cars For Kids, whether as a standard or at least as options.

the Korean firm responsible for this little kids’ wonder is not about to stop there. on the inside your kid will be treated to MP3 player with stereo speakers, a removable 7-inch Android slate that, wait for this… doubles as the car’s dashboard and infotainment center, and even steering wheel mounted audio control buttons. there are currently three third-gen Henes Broon to choose from and each model is being offered in three trim levels(!). btw, we still on the topic of kiddie ride, just in case we lost you there. each car is driven by a 12V 120W electric motor, with the option of going for a more powerful 24V 240W unit, along with performance options such as full-time 4WD system, independent suspension with gas shocks, leather seat, polyurethane foam tire, full suite of lightings, as well as fine leather seat, while the said 7-inch Android tablet is available to the range-topping trim.

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Third-Generation Henes Broon Electric Cars For Kids - F8-Series

further adding to the bells and whistles are features like electronic gear shift complete with P-R-N-D, sports wheels, removable battery pack, aluminum alloy differential, multi-link steering system, and an onboard processor (think ECU of a real car) that is completely upgradeable via the built-in USB port. a Bluetooth 4.0 LE remote controller comes as standard across all models and trim levels, allowing you to take rein of the car and remotely zip your kid around. the features of the third-gen Henes Broon are beyond what we can narrate – each car is loaded with features and technology that are comparable to, or even surpassing the cars of the 70s and as i was crafting this article, i was doing with much disbelieve and at the same time, wishing i was a kid again.

the good news for your kids is, this is a real-deal kids’ ride money can buy, though prices are yet to be finalized. however, according to Wired, a fully optioned example will set you back at around 800 bucks. good news for kids, bad news for parents. eh?

Third-Generation Henes Broon Electric Cars For Kids - M8-Series

Third-Generation Henes Broon Electric Cars For Kids - T8-Series

Henes via Wired

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