After the buildable Star Wars helmet series, we are kind of half expecting LEGO buildable helmets based on Marvel universe. True enough, a buildable helmet was announced along with the LEGO Marvel Super Heroes Summer 2020 lineup and no surprise, it was the Iron Man helmet.

LEGO 76165 Marvel Iron Man Helmet

Not a lot is known about this upcoming LEGO Marvel set. But what do we need to know other than it is 480 pieces and targeted at adult fans of LEGO? So, yeah, it is recommended for ages 18 and up. I am guessing LEGO is only realizing that equal, if not more, number of its customers are adults.

Clearly, the LEGO 76165 Marvel Iron Man Helmet is a collector thing like the Star Wars series, i.e. it is strictly a display piece. The packaging is also inline with the Star Wars series. That said, I am also expecting this helmet thing to be a long running series moving forward. Who knows? War Machine, or maybe even a Hulkbuster helmet may be in the pipeline?

LEGO 76165 Marvel Iron Man Helmet

As far as myself is concern, I am not too thrilled by the initial look. If I can be frank, the set looks nice by itself, but it is far from the Iron Man we have come to appreciate. But that’s just me.

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Anyways… LEGO 76165 Marvel Iron Man Helmet is set to drop on June 1st at Target stores. However, there’s no mention when it will be available to and LEGO Stores. It would be reasonable to expect the same.

Price is not known. Would it be cheaper since it has significantly less pieces than the Star Wars’?

Images: LEGO.

Source: The Brick Show.

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