unlike automobile, you can’t do much about how sunglasses look. they look pretty much the same without the option of customization to set them apart from the rest of the fashion horde, but that’s until now. meet the Canvas Custom Sunglasses, the shades that lets you customize via an online configurator, to ‘paint’ it like a blank canvas (hence, the name ‘Canvas’) to the look that you desire. however, by customizable, it really just meant the ‘paint job’ of eyewear and probably a choice of different color lenses, which is quite limited (in terms of parameters) if you ask us, but i guess you can’t really asked for much, considering that a pair of the Canvas Custom Sunglasses cost just $35 on Indiegogo right now. honestly, sometimes you can’t even get a no-brand pair from those pushcart stores with 35 bucks, which makes the Canvas Custom Sunglasses quite a steal.

as of now, there is only one frame style, which is based on the classic wayfarer and with the online configurator, you can browse through the extensive library of customizable patterns and designs, tweak the colors to create your individual style. the real kicker is (well, at least for me), you can actually upload your own images or designs for that extra personal touch. however, we suspect copyrighted materials, though not explicitly said, will be a no-go. apart from customizable look (not to be confused with customizable fit), the Canvas Custom Sunglasses feature a unique “snap and click” locking hinges that does away with screws and springs (how’s that for a contemporary look?), premium optical grade CR-39 lenses with UV400 protection, permanent imprinted image in hi-def color, and each pair is crafted from a proprietary new formula of recycled polycarbonate polymer material that’s both lightweight and durable. hit the jump for some sample design of the Canvas and also check out a pitch video further down.

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