the fact is, each individual face is different and because of that, there is no one size fits all solution when it comes to eyewear. the solution is simple enough by the way of custom frames if you have a thousand or so dollars to drop, but clearly, not everyone has that means. in comes the Protos Eyewear, a custom 3D printed eyewear that, as the name implies, is 3D printed to your specs. as of now, two types of packages are being offered via the firm’s crowd-sourcing endeavor: a stock fit frame plus lenses for $299 and a custom fit frame plus lenses for $399. each pair is printed from a proprietary material that’s lighter than titanium and stronger than acetate, custom to your face, but cost way less than those ‘superstar’ custom items.

3D printing is one part of your magical journey to getting the custom fit glasses, the other being the advanced software which the firm developed to allow them to select and alter the design of each pair of eyewear to fit your unique features and accentuate your facial structure. here’s how it is going to work: you will need to take a picture of yourself in front and side view (using a credit card magnetic stripe as reference), answer a few simple questions, and subsequently you will receive some styling recommendations which you can take your pick or choose the specific ones available from Protos collection. of course, you will also need to specify the type of lenses, whether polarized non-prescription sunglass lenses or prescription non-tinted lenses. for the latter, you will need to fill in the firm with the prescription information.

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however, all those process will only go into motion when the campaign is funded (actually, it already did) and also after the campaign is concluded. check out the pitch video after the image gallery to learn more.

Protos Eyewear via Fast Co. Design

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