Before construction robots become a reality, manpower will remain the key in construction industry for many years to come and the good news is, this manpower is getting a boost in strength and endurance – thanks to the Sarcos Guardian XO Max Exoskeleton Suit. The American robotic company said that its exoskeleton suit for construction will be available in 2020.

Sarcos Guardian XO Max Exoskeleton Suit

The suit is a full-body exoskeleton suit (though not quite like Tony Stark’s) will enable the operator to lift up to 200 lbs (around 90 kilograms) for extended period of time 9and repeatedly) without exertion and risks of strain or injury. On contrary to misconception, especially with regards to the operation time, Guardian XO Max’s onboard battery system is actually pretty darn impressive, capable of lasting up to eight hours on a single charge – just about right for any given working day.

Sarcos Guardian XO Max Exoskeleton Suit

An arsenal of sensors afford the man and machine to move naturally and therefore, minimal training is expected to pilot the wearable robot.  For this particular version of exoskeleton suit, it is capable of amplifying the wearer’s strength by 20 times which will make 100 lbs (45 kilograms) no heavier than a typical laptop. But it probably can’t deal with acid-drooling aliens. Just saying…

Sarcos Guardian XO Max Exoskeleton Suit

The suit is designed in such a way that the full weight of the suit and anything that is being carried by the operator will be transferred through the suit’s structure to the ground and thus, it should have little to no stress on the human operator.

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Sarcos will start shipping the Guardian XO Max Exoskeleton Suit in 2020 as a fee-based Robotics-as-a-Service (RaaS) model. However, the pricing structure is unknown at this point.

Images: Sarcos Robotics.

Source: BIM+ via Archinect.

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