Creating wearable out of LEGO elements, though rare, is not exactly new. The world’s famous bricks have been used to create some rather mind-blowing wearables, including a stunning 25 lbs Star Wars-themed dress, a functional prosthetic arm, and at least one exoskeleton suit (of sort), and now, we can add these wearable LEGO helmets to the list.

Wearable Star-Lord LEGO Helmet by Brickatecture moc industries

The person responsible for these awesome wearable superhero LEGO helmets is “master of LEGO cosplay” Brickatecture moc industries. His creations include an astonishing accurate Ant-Man helmet, an Eddie Brock/Venom mask (that partially exposed Venom’s ‘host’), and this: his latest creation, the galactic outlaw from Marvel’s Guardians of the Galaxy, Star-Lord helmet.

Wearable Star-Lord LEGO Helmet by Brickatecture moc industries

As with Brickatecture moc industries’ previous creations, the details that went into the iconic Peter Quill’s helmet are nothing less than impeccable. The shape is super accurate and the details that needed to be there were all present, right down to the breathing apparatus. Though, special mention should be given to the incredible brick-built hair. Even though, Brickatecture moc industries could have just leave the top open to expose his own hair, it was a brilliant recreation of Quill’s red locks which, kind of made this wearable Star-Lord helmet super cool.

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Images: Brickatecture moc industries.

Source: the brothers brick.

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