Disguising prototype cars has come a long way. It has evolved from draping the car with black cover to now what is known as “camo wrap” – all in the name of preventing the car from being immediately recognizable before its big reveal. You know, for the sake keeping competitions’ nose out and also for keeping the vehicle in suspense and thus, “maintaining the freshness,” so to speak. Speaking of camo wraps, automotive enthusiasts have to agree that the colorful geometric pattern camo wrap used on the upcoming Toyota Supra is one of the most unusual and striking pattern.

Toyota Supra Wrapping Paper

Toyota seems to think so too. So much so that it decided to turn it into a special edition seasonal wrapping paper. Yup. That awesome camo wrap is now a wrapping paper. For real! It gotta to be the perfect wrapping paper for wrapping Christmas gifts for petrolhead. The wrapping paper features the familiar red, white and black hued of Toyota Gazoo Racing, along with the not-so-subtle chassis code reference, “A90,” as reminder that this ain’t just any camo wrap.

Toyota Supra Wrapping Paper

No doubt there is an element of marketing gimmick here, but it is in the name of doing good. The Toyota Supra Wrapping Paper is being sold with all proceeds going to Crisis UK, a national charity for homeless people, to support the organization’s Crisis at Christmas program in the United Kingdom. If you are so inclined, you can acquire the special edition wrapping paper from Crowdfunder from now until December 28, 2018, 4:50PM local time.

Toyota Supra Wrapping Paper

Toyota Supra Wrapping Paper, produced in a limited run of just 500 rolls, is selling at £5 (about US$6.29) for roll of four sheets of paper, each measuring 695 x 1000 mm (27.4 x 39.4 inches). Not awfully pricey for the unique wrap and for charity, if you ask me, but here’s the catch: it is only available to UK’s residents. So, international petrolhead is pretty much out of luck.

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Images: Toyota UK.

Source: motor1.com.

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