Do grown ups need to snuggle in a Snuggie? Of course not, but I highly suspect some Harry Potter’s mega fans might start snugging up because, Harry Potter Costume Comfy Throw. OK. These are not quite the baby Snuggies, but it works pretty much the same with the boon of not binding your hands. Now that Harry Potter flicks featuring the beloved protagonist has ended (no, prequels doesn’t count), true fans will want to relive the adventure by binge watching the entire series, and when they do that, it will be a good idea to, you know, snuggle up.

Harry Potter Costume Comfy Throw

I am not so much of a Potter fan, let alone a Potterhead, but I am digging the details that went into the Harry Potter Costume Comfy Throw. Designed for grown-ass person (who should have already graduated from Hogwarts…), each Hufflepuff Harry Potter Comfy Throw measures 71 inches long and 48 inches wide (about 180 by 122 centimeters), and boasts proper sleeves (because you are not a baby?), printed graphics and a large, sewn on Hufflepuff house crest, along with a striped tie and yellow V-neck collar. The Hogwarts‘ student look is unmistakable there.

The Harry Potter Costume Comfy Throw is an officially licensed Harry Potter merchandise made of super-soft 100 percent polyester fleece fabric, so you’d know it is totally legit and nice and cosy. The most ridiculous thing about this product is, it is incredibly affordable, going for mere $19.99 a pop. Believe it or not, it is that affordable. TBH, I couldn’t believe my eyes when I first saw the sticker either. Now, that we have addressed the kids’ department, we will be needing a Dumbledore Comfy Throw also, or maybe even a Lord Voldemort version to, you know, bring balance to the magical world (because those magic kids need at least an ass to kick).

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Source: Geekologie.

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