Hyundai Motor Group Develops Wearable Vest Exoskeleton For Use In Its Production Lines

Exoskeleton suit in real life is not even remotely close to fantasy tech of Iron Man, but rather, it is something like the Vest EXoskeleton (VEX), a wearable robot of sort developed by Hyundai Motor Group. That’s right. In addition to developing groundbreaking automobile tech like solar car roof, smartphone entry and more, the South […]

LG To Bring Updated “Wearable Robot” CLOi SuitBot To CES 2019

The mention of robots, one would imagine human-like biped machines, but the LG CLOi SuitBot is not that. In fact, it looks more like a partial exoskeleton. Actually, it is an exoskeleton suit. Notwithstanding the obvious, LG is calling it a robot, a wearable one that it. Whatever you call it, it has all but […]

Sarcos Exoskeleton Suit Is Coming To A Construction Site Near You

Before construction robots become a reality, manpower will remain the key in construction industry for many years to come and the good news is, this manpower is getting a boost in strength and endurance – thanks to the Sarcos Guardian XO Max Exoskeleton Suit. The American robotic company said that its exoskeleton suit for construction […]

A Young Company Is Revolutionizing Exoskeleton With Affordable And Modular Exoskeleton

They are not quite like the exoskeleton sci-fi movies and novels envisioned, and clearly, donning one won’t make Tony Stark out of you, but at least it is real. In fact, unbeknownst many, progress has been made and exoskeletons are being rapidly deployed in industrial, as well as medical industry. One such company that made […]

Panasonic’s ATOUN Launches New Power Assist Suit For The Hip

ATOUN Inc., an in-house venture system of Panasonic established since 2003, has announced a new Power Assist Suit designed to take the load off the wearer’s hip. Designated ATOUN MODEL Y (which has no relation to Tesla’s upcoming ride, btw), this 4.4 kg (9.7 lbs) load-bearing exoskeleton suit is 40 percent lighter over the Nara […]

Lowe’s Stock Employees Go High-tech With Specially Developed Exosuits

Caring for your employees means doing more than just paying the correct wages and on time; it includes looking after their wellbeing such as, for example, taking the load off their shoulders when moving heavy objects, like what Lowe’s did and is doing for some of the company’s stock employees. The American home improvement retail […]

Indonesian Stroke Victim Creates Mind-controlled Robotic Arm, But How Far Is It From The Truth?

By now, videos of an Indonesian man who created a working robotic arm have gone viral. Now, a story of a man and a robotic arm created out of scraps is not farfetched at all but the thing with Tawan’s creation is, the supposed robotic arm is, wait for this… mind-controlled. Meaning, it has a […]

Future U.S. Soldiers Will Look Pretty Much Like HALO’s Master Chief

If you ever played first person shooter set in a near-future world, then you will be familiar with high-tech soldiers like Master Chief. So why am I referring to a game like HALO? Well, cos’ the suit you see here, dubbed TALOS (Tactical Assault Light Operator Suit), looks like one that could only come out […]

MONOWALKER Multifunctional Trailer Takes the Load Off Your Shoulder and Makes a Handy Picnic Table Too

a few years ago, we were suitably impressed by the MONOWALKER, a hiking tailer that literally takes the load of your hiking gear off your shoulder and today, the same folks who invented this fun hiking gear is back with a newer and more versatile version that covers backpacking adventure, walking, hiking, shopping, and even […]

U.S. Navy Acquires Lockheed Martin FORTIS Exoskeleton Suits For Ship Maintenance Works

humans are pretty capable creatures, but our ability to exploit is limited to our human strength. that, we have overcame with machines, which are cool but kind of limits our maneuverability. this gives rise to another mankind’s dream: to have superhuman strength like what Iron Man suits gave Tony Stark – which engineers will attempt […]