The post title pretty much sums up what Noveto Smart Audio is about. It is a dynamic focused sound solution that lets an individual consume audio that only he or she can hear without the use of headphones.

The tech involves locating the position of your ears in space and beams acoustic energy to create tiny sound bubbles next to your eyes. When you move your head, the “sound bubbles” will follow you. Simply put, it is targeted audio.

This is made possible through proprietary smart algorithm, sophisticated beamforming technique, face detection, tracking capacities and state of the art DSP engines. This is like the audio version of TV technology in which one TV serves different pictures depending on your angle of view.

Noveto Smart Audio Dynamic Focused Sound Solution

The Israel-based company plans to offer its technology to third parties or as a standalone peripheral soundbar.

Noveto said its smart audio technology can be easily embedded in leading consumer electronics devices, including personal assistants, smart TVs, monitors and displays, PCs and conference call solutions. It can also be applied to digital signage that until now was audio-less.

Noveto has released the first of its chipset that drives this technology and it aims to have it mass produced by 2021. Welcome to the future, folks.

Images: Noveto Systems Ltd.

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