Cooler Master Cosmos II Ultra Tower PC Case

Cooler Master Cosmos II ATX PC Case
(photos: Cooler Master) Cooler Master Cosmos II ATX PC Case | US$tba |

though we might not be an active PC user anymore, that doesn’t take away our interest in beautifully crafted PC case like this particular fine example from Cooler Master, dubbed the Cosmos II Ultra Tower. as the name suggest, this sleek case features a roomy interior that will swallow an oversized XL-ATX main board, along with four double width graphics accelerators. though we think black is not exactly the new black for desktop this season but we still dig its midnight black aluminum chassis with mesh accents. some of the features include swing open side panels (with a push of a button), a cohort of hot-swappable drive bays, advanced control panel for managing up to 10 fans, water cooling support, and numerous connectivity options that include a pair of USB 3.0, four USB 2.0, and one E-SATA. however, don’t get too excited as yet cos’ the price and its availability is still a mystery to us all. in the meantime, a gallery (and a short clip) awaits after the break to tie you over your excitement.

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