What makes a good backpack? If you think a good backpack is one that lets you access it at any almost any angle, well then, the SWIFT 2.0 Backpack from Taiwanese urban lifestyle brand, Cycop, is it.

Cycop SWIFT 2.0 Backpack Kickstarter

The first thing that stood out with the SWIFT 2.0 is, it does not have a conventional opening; it has ’S’ opening that offers a wide, unhindered access to the main interior where you find not one, not two, not even three, but four inner pockets to content a variety of small items.

There’s a top pocket too, for small items which need quick access to.

Other details include breathable honeycomb shoulder straps, YKK zipper, top carry handle, isolated dry layer for your stinky clothes/shoes, adjustable sternum strap, elastic side pockets, and quick access compartment.

All told, the SWIFT 2.0 Backpack offers 23L of storage space in a water-repelling exterior and wear resistant construction.

Cycop SWIFT 2.0 Backpack can be had for $89 or more via Kickstarter. The campaign just went live a day or so ago, but already, it has met its funding goal. Not surprising, given what it has to offer at this crowdfunding special pricing.

Keep going for the pitch video to learn more.

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Images: Cycop.

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