Unpacking is an unnerving chore of traveling. It always the question: should I or should I not unpack when you reach your destination. If you don’t (unpack), it will make retrieving things daunting and if you do, there’s the packing to deal with when you need to move on to the next destination. Already, there are suitcases that solve this, but what if, you are traveling light with, say, a backpack? Well, as it turns out, there is an answer and it is called Artichoke Travel Backpack.

What makes Artichoke (the bag, not the food, btw) awesome is, it comes with built-in shelves which make unpacking and packing a breeze. You may have seen carry-on and some larger suitcases with this functionality, but Artichoke’s 35L backpack is the first to feature this. So, backpackers, there’s no more excuses to not unpack. Speaking of backpacking, Artichoke stays true to the backpacker’s spirit by conforming to most airlines’ carry-on size, plus the shelves can be removed and stay hanging in the room, while the backpack gets on with you on your day trip. One word: dope!

Artichoke Travel Backpack

A modular shelves is not even the complete story. It also boasts a list of features, include a padded laptop pocket, a credit card/ID/change pocket on left strap, adjustable Sternum strap, ergonomic padded straps, easily accessible small item pocket (for phone and stuff), security aluminum hook, modular roll top closing, and a waterproof zipper that offers access to the contents without messing everything up (the same goes to the laptop pocket).

Artichoke Travel Backpack

All these features are consummated with a waterproof Cordura 1000 material because, backpacking. One thing that struck me most (besides the shelving system), is the rather unconventional design. Because of the roll top closure, the backpack appears to have a non-symmetrical design, which makes it uniquely cool. It has the aesthetic that screams “take me to a backpacking trip!” I am not sure how rugged it is, but sure extrude the rugged feel to me. What’s even better. All Artichokes are handmade in Italy by folks who have been making bags all their lives.

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Artichoke Travel Backpack

However, as good as it is, it does not come cheap (neither are most carry-on, really). At the time of this writing, a standard M size (27L) model will run you back 129 euros – without the shelving system and the L size (35L) cost 199 euros. If you want the complete package, i.e. with the shelves, you are looking at upwards of 171 euros. And then there’s the one model that tickles my fancy: white sail version, which is made from recycled sails.

If want that, be prepared to plonk down anything from 199 euros to as much as 449 euros. Ouch. You can find the super dope Artichoke Travel Backpack on Indiegogo. It’s on flexible funding (it is funded, anyways) which means, your pledge is a pre-order which will be fulfilled in May 2018.

Artichoke Travel Backpack

Artichoke Travel Backpack

All images courtesy of Artichoke Bags.

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