if you hunt, trek or camp quite a bit, then you will need a solid pair of boots like the new Recondo Jungle Boot by Bates Footwear to go with. we not saying the Recondo is the best, but when you have a pair of rugged kicks that has been developed in partnership with United States Army Special Forces Command (USASFC) and designed based on the feedback of 75th Army Ranger Regiment, then you probably can’t go wrong. named after the Reconnaissance and Commando Training Course (presumably, ‘recon’ of reconnaissance and ‘do’ of Commando) developed in the 50s at Fort Campbell, the Recondo features Wolverine Warrior Leather which embodies a series of rugged footwear-desirable qualities including lightweight, durable, breathable, and resistant to water, stain and oil.

additionally, MultiCam ripstop nylon fabric is also used for its lightweight, abrasion resistant and durable properties. the blended upper also boasts “near infrared properties (NIR)”, thus making the boot less visible in low light conditions. also incorporated is a unique Bates lace-to-toe lacing system for speedy and secured lacing. rounding up the features is the Vibrant Mutant solid rubber outsole that sports deeper, more aggressive lug depth for improved traction on rugged terrains, while multi-directional leading edge enhances slip-resistant properties. the Recondo Jungle Boot by Bates Footwear was officially launched at ADS Warrior Expo East in Virginia Beach last week and is slated to go on sale starting Fall 2014. price is to-be-advised.

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Recondo Jungle Boot By Bates Footwear

Bates Footwear via Military Times

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  1. Use the Nike Lunar Electro-Lumosity Technology, in IR form too keep track of troops in nighttime conditions.

    1. that’s interesting. haven’t really thought about that. speaking of keeping track of troops, don’t they already let ground soldiers consume special rations that when ingested, the ‘chemical’ in the food will help allies identify them as friendlies when viewing through special optical equipment. or did they not use that?

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