if you really want to turn your tablet into an on-the-go workhorse, you will need a keyboard. it has become the necessary evil, so to speak, even if you hated the idea of adding bulk to your travel gear. you can always opt for a keyboard case, but soon, you will have another alternative that let you slips you keyboard right in your pockets and we ain’t talking about those fancy holding keyboard (however it folds, it can’t ‘slip into your pocket’). those keyboards would be far too ‘low tech’ when compared to AirType, a Bluetooth keyboard that does away with keys. yes. you heard that right: a keyless keyboard, which kind of makes it just a board. actually no. it doesn’t even have a board to begin with. all there is to it is a pair of knuckle duster-like cuffs made of hard plastic that are designed to fit into your palms – one on each hand, of course.

AirType Keyless Bluetooth Keyboard

when the gadget is paired to your tablet, AirType will self-learn your finger movements, letting you type on any surface, or none at all. it works with a companion app that “brings dynamic text prediction and correction to each typing experience.” to be honest, how it really works is still rather vague and if you ask me, it almost sounded too good to be true, but maybe that’s just me. when not in use, the pair can slip over the tablet for easy carrying without taking up precious backpack space. anyways, this futuristic keyboard is yet to be available. it is still in development, but if you are thrilled by the idea, you can keep yourself updated by joining AirType email list here. keep going for a short teaser video.

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AirType Keyless Bluetooth Keyboard

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