mobile gaming on smartphones and tablets has progressed beyond side scroller; today, HD gaming is a reality (and a norm) on the very same device that we used to make calls, surf the Net and check emails. with the iOS 7 this is even more apparent when the updated Apple mobile OS starts supporting native gamepad – thanks to the inclusion of Apple’s new MFI controller framework. GameCase, a product of ClamCase, is among the first to take advantage of this feature, offering avid iPhone and iPad gamers controls that are previously only available on PC and gaming consoles. looking much like a split-apart Xbox game controller, the GameCase communicates with your iOS device via Bluetooth and features a full suite of physical controls, including dual analog sticks with textured ring, contoured D-pad, pressure sensitive XY-AB buttons, low travel shoulder triggers and force triggers. these controls are incorporated into a sleek, ergonomic, rubberized grips controller with an easy slide in and out cradle for your iOS device.

with the GameCase game controller, your hands will be on the controller so you will get to enjoy every inch of the game instead of having your hands blocking the part of the display. the polycarbonate enclosure of the GameCase also doubles as a protection against knocks and bumps for your device. the GameCase iPad and iPhone Game Controller will be available for all iPad and iPhone running on iOS 7 when it hits the market. however, just exactly when that will happen is unconfirmed at this point and so are their respective prices. most of us are avid mobile gamers and therefore, you will be damn right that we pretty dope about the GameCase, and even more so if the eventual product looks as good as the renders you see here.

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