no. it doesn’t appear to be, but the Nikon 1 AW1 Waterproof Interchangeable Lens Camera is the first digital waterproof interchangeable lens camera that’s also shockproof (capable sustaining drops from 6.6 feet), dust-proof, and freeze-proof to 14-degree Fahrenheit. so adventure seekers can rejoice, cos’ capturing awesome underwater images (up to 49 feet) is totally possible now; though that’s only possible through the use of one of the two lenses on offer: a 11-27.5mm f/3.5-5.6, or a wide 10mm f/2.8 lens. the former is part of the kit which goes for $799.95 while the latter is an optional accessory available for 200 bucks more. needless to say, swopping of lens between waterproof lenses has to happen in dry condition – preferably on land, less you accidentally gets some water into it or worst, drops either equipment into the water. it can still use regular 1-series lenses, but you will loose the proposed ruggedness.

on the inside, it has a 14.3MP CX-format CMOS sensor, EXPEED 3A image processor, Full HD videoing, ISO of up to 6400, and a popup flash that works even when underwater. also packed into the camera are adventure seekers-centric feature such as built-in GPS, altimeter, depth gauge, electronic compass, as well as virtual horizon indicator. lets face it: if you are going to put this ruggedized interchangeable lens camera through some (harsh) paces, it is bound to suffer from nicks and scotches and because of this, Nikon will also be offering skins to keep the body aesthetically unscathed. you can pick up the skins for $36.96 when the camera hits the stores in October. check out a few more product look in the image gallery below.

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