How do you stand out in an overcrowding dashcam market? Price is probably an easy way out, but for Garmin, it is about packing its latest dash cams with features on top of its core function as a footage recorder. Two new models, Dash Cam 30 and Dash Cam 35, were introduced earlier last month, boasting features that you don’t normally find in today’s dash cams. The Dash Cam 30 gets a 1.4-inch LCD display, while the Dash Cam 35 is outfitted with a 3.0-inch LCD display.

Common features between the two include up to 1080p videoing on microSD cards of up to 64GB, automatic turn on/off, continuous loop recording and incident detection that automatically saves video footage on impact. Clearly, the Dash Cam 35 here is of a higher tier model and hence it boasts a couple of additional features, including Global Positioning System that logs the location, direction, speed, date and time to show exactly where and when accidents/incidents occur.

Garmin Dash Cam 30 and Dash Cam 35

Also found on the Dash Cam 35 is driver awareness alerts feature which Forward Collision Warnings and red light and speed camera warning. The former will alert you when you are driving too close to the vehicle ahead, while the latter lets you in the were red light or speed cameras are placed, and warn you about them, so you can be better prepared yourself. Both Dash Cam 30 and Dash Cam 35 can be easily removed from the dash to double as a digital camera for snapping closeup images of the vehicles involved in an event of an accident.

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The Garmin Dash Cam 30 and Dash Cam 35 are available through Garmin, priced at $169.99 and $199.99, respectively.

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