if you are those who need constant motivation to stay in shape, here’s the latest activity tracker that will help you out. like most activity tracker out there (well, maybe with the exception of the Misfit Shine), the Polar Loop Activity Tracker comes in the form of a bracelet (the company is calling it the ‘smart bracelet’) that do what most activity tracker does and that is to track your daily activity and exercise levels (if any at all), monitors your sleep patterns, offers instant motivational feedback, as well as provides alerts to help you achieve personalized daily activity goals. unlike most of its competition, the Polar Loop is built on Polar’s three and half decades of experience in heart rate and fitness assessment technology and hence, the accuracy and dependability are unquestionable. using Bluetooth Smart, this stylish activity tracker works in sync with Polar Flow, a free online tracking service and app for iPhone to provide smart guidance on how to improve your health and wellbeing by tweaking your daily activity.

with the Polar Loop, Polar also stake the first to offer you the option of using heart rate monitoring during workouts, which according to Polar, “ensures that credit is given for all exercise, including activities such as cycling.” the use of heart rate monitoring also opens up to more Smart Coaching features, unique training guidance based on physiological expertise from Polar. comprising of a rubberized wristband with sturdy stainless steel buckle, the Polar is totally waterproof and at the touch of a button, it displays your vital information such as steps taken, activity goal, calories burned and more on a red LED display. dropping in this October in black for $109.95. there will also be a pink version with white LED display expected in early 2014, so pink lover, keep your eyes peeled. scroll down for a product video to learn more.

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