What LEGO bricks can create is limited to our imagination. I mean, even bouquets and bonsai are covered, what else it cannot make? Strangely, though, not many LEGO enthusiasts have tried to please our palate. I mean, well, not that we are going to eat it. Just saying not many have created food using these wonder bricks.

LEGO MOC A Taste Of LEGO by SoGenius106

But recently, we received a hat tip from one LEGO enthusiast, known by his LEGO Ideas handle SoGenius106 (a rare few actually use caps on his username. Thank you!) who recreated his favorite food in LEGO which he aptly called A Taste of LEGO.

In a way, SoGenius106 is proposing that we relive our childhood of playing with toy food but in LEGO form. Obvious playability aside, A Taste of LEGO makes for an awesome display set. I think it looks good enough that it reminds us of the fake food display we often see at Japanese restaurants.

LEGO MOC A Taste Of LEGO by SoGenius106

As far as the proposed set goes, it will have your calories required for a day covered (but don’t eat it, they are not real food!) and it includes a chocolate cake, a seared steak, macaroni & cheese, ice cream sundae, hamburger, orange juice, and my personal real-life food: bacon & eggs with toast. All told, the proposed A Taste of LEGO has 1,573 pieces.

If you like to see A Taste Of LEGO by SoGenius106 have a shot of becoming an official LEGO Ideas set, be sure to drop your precious one support for the project on ideas.lego.com.

LEGO MOC A Taste Of LEGO by SoGenius106

All images courtesy of SoGenius106.

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