Duo Gamer Wireless Game Controller

Duo Gamer Wireless Game Controller
Duo Gamer Wireless Game Controller | US$79.99 | duo-games.com

accelerometer and gyroscopes have changed how mobile games are played but honestly, they are novelty factors that will wear out and in time, we will be back craving for the tactile touch of a handheld game controller. apparently, iOS game accessories maker, Duo Games and Game Publisher, Gameloft understand this eventuality and has offer up the Duo Gamer Wireless Game Controller to keep gamer’s itch for tactile feel in check. the Duo Gamer’s box-ish construction features dual analog thumb-sticks, six buttons including a d-pad, and connects to your iDevice – iPhone, iPad or iPod touch – wirelessly via Bluetooth. it comes with a handy stand to hold your iDevice, allowing both of your hands to be on the controller full-time. perfect accessory for any die-hard iOS gamers, especially if you love to hook up your iDevice to your big screen TV for some immersive gameplay which makes us think: who needs a game console anymore? the Duo Gamer Wireless Game Controller can be yours for $79.90 a pop. check out the product trailer after the break.

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