ION Jukebox Dock iPad Speaker

ION Jukebox Dock iPad Speaker
ION Jukebox Dock iPad Speaker | US$99.99 |

to be honest, we have once dreamed of owning a jukebox, well, may be not all of us but anyway, that dream was sort of crush when we knew that it would take thousands of dollars of hard earned money away from us and CD ain’t or vinyl ain’t popular anymore. gosh and we are thankful for that else, we are not sure if we could handle that many CDs and not getting them lost here. still, our love for this old school music box never dies and fortunately for us and every other old schoolers out there, there’s a modern, less space-consuming and more wallet friendly, 21st century jukebox known as the Jukebox Dock iPad Speaker. designed primarily to house your iPad that will sit in this modern day rendition of the once popular music shrine of pubs and bars, this Jukebox features a nostalgic multi-colored neon-style trim in a classic wooden cabinet, and integrated stereo speakers. the Jukebox Dock also boast compatibility with other iDevices, including pre-iPhone 5 iPhones, as well as iPod but it also comes with a regular audio jack input for other non-Universal Dock equipped devices, such as the new iPhone 5 – ouch. you can get yours for $99.99 each.

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