as much as we love caressing our beautiful Retina display of the iPad, the truth is, we do miss the tactile feel of analog joystick when it comes to gaming. this is where a handy solution such as the Audojo iPad Case for Games comes into play: it turns your regular iPad into a Playstation Vita-like portable gaming system – but only bigger – complete with a pair of analog joysticks and dual triggers, thereby giving you back the much needed tactile feel and not to mention, encouraging game genres previously not suitable for touchscreen gaming. plus, it doubles as a protective case for your trusty iPad too. the case clips right into the iPad (second-gen or newer) with connectivity via the headphone jack and you are basically all set. by hooking the controller-case via the audio jack means it is power-independent of your iPad and on top of that, you will experience true stereo sound pumped out through the case’s front-facing stereo speakers (or you could use the built-in headphone jack for a more personal gaming experience).

additionally, the Audojo iPad Case goes beyond gamings: its analog joysticks also function with app-controllable toys such as the Parrot’s A.R.Drone and the Sphero. the Audojo is no small time product trying to hit the sweet spot of the iPad gaming community but it is a well thought out companion device that offers you enhanced gaming experience on an iPad, while still allowing access to full functionality of the tablet, totally unhindered. the team behind this awesome product has taken it to crowdfunding platform, Kickstarter and is seeking your support to make the Audojo iPad Case for Games a reality. by making a pledge of $65 or more, you will secure yourself a Audojo iPad case for games – that’s if the project reaches its funding goal. speaking of which, a goal of $240k is no small amount. so if you embrace this idea, go ahead and help spread the word like we did. hit the jump for a pledge video and a clip of the prototype in action.

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Kickstarter via DVICE

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