Kenner action figures, particularly those Star Wars figures, have a special place in our hearts. probably because Star Wars was freaking huge (and awesome) back then and every boys in the seventies or eighties would love to have them. it was a boy status symbol then, comparable to Walkman and Playmobil of that time. fast-forward to today, they continues to capture our imagination but only this time, they are way bigger – at 12-inch tall, to be exact. the Luke X-Wing Jumbo Kenner Figure you see here is among the many vintage Star Wars action figure reproductions from Gentle Giant. this collectible and the rest of the Jumbo collection are digitally scanned from mint Kenner originals and manufactured to scale with the rest of the Jumbos. crafted from injection molded, durable plastics, the upsized Kenner Luke Skywalker in his X-Wing flight suit is fully-articulated and equipped with a faithfully reproduced blaster and comes packaged in a 1980 Star Wars-inspired re-sealable blister card, complete with original artwork. the force is strong in this one and it kind of makes us want to part with our hard-earned $80 for it. but we also want Jabba the Hut, along with Princess Leia chained. another look after the break.

Luke X-Wing Jumbo Kenner Figure

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