Previously Sold Out Re-released Star Wars Retro Action Figures Now Available For Pre-order

Good news, fans of original Star Wars trilogy that started it all. The re-release of classic Kenner Star Wars action figures announced by Hasbro back at the Toy Fair 2019 is now available to pre-order. The collection, part of a new Retro Collection line, comprises of the six 3.75″ figures that replicate the original toy […]

Here’s Why This Vintage Star Wars Toy Is Selling For $365,000

Star Wars Celebration is about, well, celebration and not shocks, but during the celebration, something popped up that indeed raised some eyebrows. And that something was this: a vintage Star Wars Boba Fett action figure made by Kenner. It hailed from the year 1979 and it is one of three extremely rare action figures of […]

Luke X-Wing Jumbo Kenner Figure

Kenner action figures, particularly those Star Wars figures, have a special place in our hearts. probably because Star Wars was freaking huge (and awesome) back then and every boys in the seventies or eighties would love to have them. it was a boy status symbol then, comparable to Walkman and Playmobil of that time. fast-forward to today