the concept of a ‘veil’ for iPhone is somewhat alien to us and that isn’t a joke. it is actually a protective/decorative backing for your iPhone that sort of offers minimal protection for your iDevice while bestowing it with a little stylization. anyway, this special collaboration between James Jean (not Dean, mind you) and KILLSPENCER, known as the Limited Edition James Jean Strata Coil iPhone 5 Veil, is one for you if you weighs heavy on character and individuality. the backing, we mean the veil, is handcrafted from locally sourced Exotic Rosewood at KILLSPENCER’s downtown L.A. arts district workshop, after which James Jean personally hand-painted the Strata Coil design with gold paint, giving each veil a unique, rustic feel to it. since it is hand-painted, you can be assured that no two are the same, which gives it the added exquisiteness. each Limited Edition James Jean Strata Coil iPhone 5 Veil comes packaged with a letterpresses hand signed in gold pen by James Jean himself. we kind of dig the idea of rosewood with gold accents and which is why this iPhone accessory is being featured here in the first place. this one definitely goes straight into our ‘awesome stuff to get for our iPhone (IF we have an iPhone)’ category. you can get yours for $69 a pop.

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