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Here’s The Official Space Invaders Board Game You Can Buy For $20

Here’s how to make Space Invaders, an iconic retro video game, even more retro: by turning it into a board game. Yes. Believe it folks. The hugely popular arcade vertical shooter from TAITO is going to be a board game. The Space Invaders The Board Game, as it is simply called, is being created to celebrate the 40th anniversary of the world’s most iconic video game. Continue reading Here’s The Official Space Invaders Board Game You Can Buy For $20

Space Invaders Propaganda Print [Poster]

mankind obsession with fighting off potential alien invaders are undying. that obsession was probably why the popularity of the 8-bit arcade game (or was it the other way round?), Space Invaders and to date, these pixelated enemy aliens have sort of became an cult icon for video gaming industry – as proven by its wide representations outside of the monitor in the form of luxury time piece, furniture and among the many others. so whether you are totally into the believe that an 8-bit invasion is imminent, or just looking for some fun, chic way to show your love for these 8-bit creatures (we said ‘creatures’ cos’ we are not sure if they are spaceships or purely flying aliens), we believe the Space Invaders Propaganda Print [Poster] will be a perfect match. Continue reading Space Invaders Propaganda Print [Poster]

Taito InvaderCade Arcade Cabinet for iPad

Taito InvaderCade 544x588px
(credit: Taito) Taito InvaderCade Arcade Cabinet for iPad | ¥15,800.00 | www.taito.com

if you find that ThinkGeek’s iCade arcade cabinet for iPad is not authentic enough, then how about one from the veteran of arcade gaming, Taito, who’s best known for the arcade game Space Invaders? aptly dubbed as the InvaderCade, this official Taito product sports a single button and the familiar ball-top joystick for controls as opposed to iCade’s two buttons, which is geared towards Atari game. speaking of which, Atari also did announced something of sort but it’s more of a joystick dock than anything else. the InvaderCade is equipment with built-in speakers for some audio amplification and a headphone audio jack for those more personal gaming moments. when not used for gaming, the cabinet also doubles as a stand and charges your iPad when it is docked. Continue reading Taito InvaderCade Arcade Cabinet for iPad

GBA-based miniature Space Invaders Arcade Cabinet

Miniature Space Invaders Arcade Machine 544x308px
first, a good news for all Space Invaders fans – there’s actually a Space Invaders arcade machine that doesn’t requires a chunk of space in your room. now, the bad news. it is not for sale. created by one YouTube user ‘vcoleiro1’, this tiny arcade machine is based on GBA (in case you didn’t know, that’s Game Boy Advanced) and measures a diminutive 7-inches tall, 3.5-inches wide and 4.5-inches deep (178 x 89 x 114-mm). the cabinet was constructed from 6-mm MDF board, and features a opening back that allows for swapping of the game cartridge. Continue reading GBA-based miniature Space Invaders Arcade Cabinet

Space Invaders jumped from arcade to luxury time pieces

Romain Jerome Space Invaders watch 600x800px
Romain Jerome Space Invaders Watches | US$tba | www.romainjerome.ch

here’s another reason for fans of Space Invaders, the arcade game that graced the arcade machines of the 70s and 80s, to rejoice. Swiss watchmaker Romain Jerome (JR) has released its first watches after the signing of the official agreement with TAITO Corporation. there are many things from TAITO that arcade gamers love but what’s more appropriate than to base a watch on the iconic Space Invaders? last week, JR announced two limited edition watches paying tribute to the Space Invaders game which was born in the year 1978. Continue reading Space Invaders jumped from arcade to luxury time pieces

Space Invader Chair, arcade pixelated aliens turned into chairs

Dorothy Space Invader Chair 544x368px
(credit: Dorothy)

in the classic arcade game, Space Invaders, the alien invaders are the bad guys while you play as the poor spaceship down beneath trying to stop their invasion (presumably as the good guy). correct? however, it turns out that the ‘aliens’ are more iconic than the hero. how do we know? just take look at these Space Invader Chairs, you don’t see any chair styled after the poor hero, do you? Continue reading Space Invader Chair, arcade pixelated aliens turned into chairs