Here’s how to make Space Invaders, an iconic retro video game, even more retro: by turning it into a board game. Yes. Believe it folks. The hugely popular arcade vertical shooter from TAITO is going to be a board game. The Space Invaders The Board Game, as it is simply called, is being created to celebrate the 40th anniversary of the world’s most iconic video game.

Space Invaders The Board Game

Actually, that (40th year) was last year. Space Invaders came onto the market on June 1978, which makes 2018 its 40th year since its birth. With Space Invaders The Board Game, it marries today’s popular deck-building genre with traditional strategy board game, allowing 2-4 players to collect Space Invaders cards, add them to their hands, all while moving across the board and “shooting” enemies with their battery of laser cannons. Yup. It has those assets too.

Space Invaders The Board Game

You know what’s the best part about the Space Invaders The Board Game? The entire visual was designed like the original arcade game and needless to say, it looks super dope as a collectible even if you aren’t into board games. Here are a list of game elements and features:

• 20 Action Card Types and 5 Resource Types
• 64 Game Tokens
• Game Board or Play Mat (dependant on Edition)
• Over 240 Playing Cards
• 4 Laser Cannons
• UFOs
• 40 Bunker Elements
• Card Sorting Tray

Space Invaders The Board Game

Two editions are offered: Standard Edition, as well as numbered Deluxe Edition. Plus, there is a strictly limited Space Invaders Art Box designed to celebrate the game’s 40th anniversary. Each Art Box is autographed by Space Invaders creator, Tomohiro Nishikado, and has a limited run of just 500 copies. The board game is created by 612 Entertainment in collaboration with TAITO, and it is now on Kickstarter seeking $45K to get the production going.

Space Invaders The Board Game

The campaign just went live earlier today, but it is already more than 50 percent funded. The prospect is looking good with this one. Early birds will be able to secure a copy for $20 and $55 for the standard and deluxe edition, respectively. If those run out, you’d be looking at $30 and $75. As for the Art Box, AKA Space Invaders Diorama, it goes for a cool $990 – a price that is, TBH, reserved strictly for hardcore fans of this classic side scrolling shooter.

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If all goes as planned, backers should be receiving the product in December 2019.

All images courtesy of TAITO.

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