EarPlanes ear plugs remove the pain in your ears when flying

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(credit: Cirrus) Cirrus EarPlanes | US$24.50 | www.cirrushealthcare.com

my worst fear of flying isn’t the flying itself but it is the landing part that i fear most. the landing has never fail cause me great pain in the ears, mainly due to the fact that my ears don’t pop however hard i try. here’s a nifty gadget from Cirrus Healthcare Products, dubbed the EarPlanes, that could solve my woes about flying. when plugged into the ears, the EarPlanes built-in ‘CeramX’ filter regulates the air pressure between the cabin and those within your ears. thus, relieving your ear form discomfort, clogging and popping.
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the EarPlanes are made out of hypoallergenic and latex free soft silicone making it comfortable to wear. there is a catch though. the filter will get clogged after some time and hence, it will need to be replaced, which also explains why the EarPlanes come in a set of four. a pack of such life saver will cost you $24.50. small price to pay for an ultimate relieve.

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