Umbra Flip 8 Hook – flip down the hooks when needed

Umbra Flip 8 Hook 544x368px
(credit: Umbra) Umbra Flip 8 Hook | US$40.00 |

can’t get enough of coat hanger? here’s a neat multi-hook from Umbra to quench your thirst for hooks. as Umbra puts it, the Flip 8 Hook is a “new take on the classic flip 5.” well, you might already guessed it. it is a wall-mounted eight metal hooks that flip down when you need to use. it’s kind of cool, cos’ unused hook can be flip back up to maintain a neat look. no more unsightly protruding hooks and if you place this at eye level, it lessen any possible chance of knocking into the hooks. however, if there are coats hanging there and you still knocked into it, then we really has nothing to say. available in three colors: natural, espresso and white. the Umbra Flip 8 Hook cost $40 a pop and are available via Umbra online store. check it out.
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Umbra Flip 8 Hook 544x252px

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