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Umbra L CONCEAL Shelf

Umbra L CONCEAL Shelf
(photos: Umbra) Umbra L Conceal Shelf | US$35.00 | www.umbra.com

getting your collection of books organized and still not look way too geeky like Stephen Hawkin’s library can be quite a challenge. instead of messing with uninspiring bulky shelving, why not do it in a more stylish way like using the Umbra L Conceal Shelf? granted that there’s nothing magical in this minimalist shelf but we actually adore the floating effect that it gives to the books sitting on it. the L Conceal consists of an angled bent wood shelf with two hidden metal brackets and it can be mounted in a variety of positions, adding a stylish flair to your otherwise mundane wall. so you can either go for the standard shelving and make your room looks like an Ikea showroom or you could add some contemporary artistry on your ordinary wall. Continue reading Umbra L CONCEAL Shelf

Umbra Pongo Ping Pong Game – portable ping pong set

Umbra Pongo Ping Pong Game
(image: Umbra) Umbra Pongo Ping Pong Game | US$40.00 | www.umbra.com

Ping Pong or Table Tennis is not exactly a glamourous game but if you are a fan of this fast and furious ball game, you might wish to play this game anywhere, anytime. no, you can’t really lug a huge table tennis’s table around but with the Umbra Pongo Ping Pong Game, you might just be able to do that. this portable ping pong set lets you challenge another opponent regardless of rain or shine, as long as there is a smooth surface table. the best part is, there’s no mounting involved. each set includes two ping pong paddles with retractable handles, a portable net, two ping pong balls, and a draw string pouch for storage. one of the weighted net’s poles also doubles as your ping pong ball storage too. Continue reading Umbra Pongo Ping Pong Game – portable ping pong set

Umbra FishHotel Aquarium – make your fish lives like you

Umbra FishHotel Aquarium 800x800px
(image: Umbra) Umbra FishHotel Aquarium | US$35.00 | www.umbra.com

do you adore your fish as much as you adore yourself? if the answer is yes, then here’s a perfect gift for your fishy friend: the Umbra FishHotel Aquarium. we don’t know any fish language, so we are not sure if he will be as thrilled about his new apartment but we are darn sure that his ‘apartment’ will look great among your contemporary interior decor. the FishHotel Aquarium consists of a removable glass square tank with a white ABS plastic outer shell that makes it look like an apartment. you know, the distinguishing windows of any modern day apartment? yeah, i think you get the idea. we prefer not to call it fishbowl because it is not even remotely round. the FishHotel is designed to be stackable, so you can create a ‘real’ hotel effect. Continue reading Umbra FishHotel Aquarium – make your fish lives like you

Umbra Multi Hook is when art and coat hook collides

Umbra Sticks Multi Hook 544x678px
(image: Umbra) Umbra Sticks Multi Hook | US$20.00 | www.umbra.com

we love art and we also love functional things. let’s be honest, who doesn’t? there is also one thing that we are fond of and that is to stow away things that are not in use, and only to deploy them when required. the Umbra Sticks Multi Hook does exactly all of the above: it has the artistic component presented in what looks like some randomly placed sticks, it functions to organize your coats, and when you don’t need them (the hooks), just flip them up and it functions as an art piece on your wall. it is essentially, an abstract sculpture and functional coat hooks combined, while not looking too overly designed. what’s not to love? oh, in case you are wondering… the Sticks Multi Hook has five flip-down hooks. the Umbra Sticks Multi Hook comes in black or white, and can be yours for a modest price of $20 a pop. Continue reading Umbra Multi Hook is when art and coat hook collides

Umbra Tape Deck Cards – cassette tape styled playing cards

Umbra Tape Deck Cards Red 544x528px
(credit: Umbra) Umbra Tape Deck Cards | US$5.00 | www.umbra.com

you know the playing cards? the 52 pieces of hard-paper (or plastic) that has brought much fun to any gathering? right, there is nothing spectacular about them, until you see the Umbra Tape Deck Cards. yes, it is your ordinary playing card deck but masquerade as cassette tape, complete with the cassette tape case. two things that caught my attention here: first off, it looks uncannily like a real cassette tape and second, instead of your usual standard spades, hearts, queens, kings graphics, it has them in sketched graphics style. very stylish indeed. it will probably make you smile looking at the cards, even when you are on a losing streak. or maybe not. i was just saying… anyway, it cost just $5 a deck and comes in three colors: blue, smoke or red. another look at the Umbra Tape Deck Cards after the break. Continue reading Umbra Tape Deck Cards – cassette tape styled playing cards

Umbra Flip 8 Hook – flip down the hooks when needed

Umbra Flip 8 Hook 544x368px
(credit: Umbra) Umbra Flip 8 Hook | US$40.00 | www.umbra.com

can’t get enough of coat hanger? here’s a neat multi-hook from Umbra to quench your thirst for hooks. as Umbra puts it, the Flip 8 Hook is a “new take on the classic flip 5.” well, you might already guessed it. it is a wall-mounted eight metal hooks that flip down when you need to use. it’s kind of cool, cos’ unused hook can be flip back up to maintain a neat look. no more unsightly protruding hooks and if you place this at eye level, it lessen any possible chance of knocking into the hooks. Continue reading Umbra Flip 8 Hook – flip down the hooks when needed

imagine bathing with sharks with this elegant Shark Bath

Shark Bath by Michael Samoriz for Umbra Design 600x500px
we are a huge fan of everything beautiful, and this beautiful and somewhat futuristic bathtub designed by Michael Samoriz for Umbra Design, had us in an instant. if only all things in life is as beautiful as this. inspired by the oral cavity of the magnificent predator of the sea and aptly named the Shark Bath, the cradle with handle-like tub features an overhead shower system and additional jet sprays situated on the inside of the ‘handle’. we are totally captivated by the Shark Bath not withstanding the fear we still have 36-years after JAWS. build it please! Continue reading imagine bathing with sharks with this elegant Shark Bath