Umbra Multi Hook is when art and coat hook collides

Umbra Sticks Multi Hook 544x678px
(image: Umbra) Umbra Sticks Multi Hook | US$20.00 |

we love art and we also love functional things. let’s be honest, who doesn’t? there is also one thing that we are fond of and that is to stow away things that are not in use, and only to deploy them when required. the Umbra Sticks Multi Hook does exactly all of the above: it has the artistic component presented in what looks like some randomly placed sticks, it functions to organize your coats, and when you don’t need them (the hooks), just flip them up and it functions as an art piece on your wall. it is essentially, an abstract sculpture and functional coat hooks combined, while not looking too overly designed. what’s not to love? oh, in case you are wondering… the Sticks Multi Hook has five flip-down hooks. the Umbra Sticks Multi Hook comes in black or white, and can be yours for a modest price of $20 a pop.
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Umbra Sticks Multi Hook 544x400px

Umbra Sticks Multi Hook 544x262px

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