Leave the wonderful toys like Transformers to the grown ups and grab a STEM-worthy toy like the Elekit Buildable Cyborg Hand MR-9112 for your kids. Why? Because, you want them to have a head start in learning. Wait. Scratch that. I think this cyborg hand may tickle the fancy of adults too.

Elekit Buildable Cyborg Hand MR-9112

It’s a buildable, but not like LEGO kind of buildable. It is more like a gunpla with its components on pieces of frame, attached by runners. It looks like kids’ toy. It is, but with something to learn about building and now hydraulic-powered actuation works (using less messy water as the fluid).

Once assembled, the Elekit Cyborg Hand MR-9112 is wearable, allowing kids to manipulate the individual digits to pick things and hold objects. Elekit Cyborg Hand can grab up to 600g (about 1.32 lbs) of package and each finger has a lifting load of 60g (0.132 lbs or 2.12 oz).

Elekit Buildable Cyborg Hand MR-9112

Each kit comes with one hand which can be adapted to fit right or left hand. In addition, the size can be adjusted to kit a child’s or an adult’s hand.

It looks like this wonderful learning toy is only available in Japan from online marketplace like Rakuten, priced at 3,250 yen, or around US$33 based on today’s going rate. You can also find it being sold on eBay, but I suggest that you stay away from there because the price are just beyond ridiculous.

Elekit Buildable Cyborg Hand MR-9112

Images: Elekit [JP].

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