(JMMDQZVTE6MP) apart from fast cars and pretty babes, it is probably every dude’s dream to own a punch bag. as to why, we have absolutely no idea. but in case you do, you might want your punch bag to double as something else, or just something that would make you look like a watered down version of Rocky Balboa (he rock it out his punches with frozen meat). like for example, punching your dirty laundry? and why not? since those dirty laundry of yours are waiting to be washed, why not stuff them into the Suck UK Punch Bag Laundry Bag, hang it in your wardrobe or anywhere in your room, until you are ready to take them to the laundry service and in between that, you are free to let loose your punches on them whenever your feel like. this bag isn’t just any regular laundry bag, it is big enough (it measures 1 meter tall and 0.3m in diameter) for a heavyweight load and made of resilient polyester fabric tough enough take the beating (well, may be we will exclude pro boxers from this), and it is of course, design to look like a real punch bag complete with the word ‘laundry’ (in the iconic typeface, no less) printed across instead of ‘Everlast’ or sort. for authenticity sake, it comes with a pair of carrying handle stitched to the bag and a couple of metal rings for hooking them up. a simple and yet novel product, which needless to say, had us quite thrill about it. well, at least it is way more cooler than your regular, boring laundry bag/basket, isn’t it? the Suck UK Punch Bag Laundry Bag can be yours for £20 a pop (about US$30). take a look at Rocky ‘Laundry Dude’ Balboa having it with this novel laundry bag below.

Suck UK Punch Bag Laundry Bag

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