Cat Scratch Laptop Is For Dennis Of The Cat’s World With A Thing For Laptop

Do you find you lovely feline friend loves to ‘type’ and ‘dab’ on your laptop? By ‘type’ and ‘dab’, I mean to say ‘scratching the keyboard and stabbing at the screen’. If so, here’s the perfect solution to the woes only cat owners will be able to understand: SUCK UK Cat Scratch Laptop. SUCK UK […]

Sticky Tapes That Look Like Tasty Sushi: You Know You Want Them, Don’t You?

I can’t remember when was the last time I reach out for a sticky tape, but I did had wasabi a couple weeks ago to go with some really awesome salmon. Both of those has nothing to do with the SUCK UK Sushi Tape. But wasabi does has in common with sushi, just not these […]

Suck UK Punch Bag Laundry Bag

apart from fast cars and pretty babes, it is probably every dude’s dream to own a punch bag. as to why, we have absolutely no idea. but in case you do, you might want your punch bag to double as something else, or just something that would make you look like a watered down version of Rocky Balboa (he rock it out his punches with frozen meat).

Suck UK Clockwork Sharpener

still prefer pencil and paper over electronic writing and doodling? then, you probably have those traditional lead pencils stash away in your pencil case that will need sharpening from time to time. not embracing the digital age doesn’t mean you have to look out-of-style cos’ there are still many novel and stylish non-tech stuff that will nudge you a notch…