I can’t remember when was the last time I reach out for a sticky tape, but I did had wasabi a couple weeks ago to go with some really awesome salmon. Both of those has nothing to do with the SUCK UK Sushi Tape. But wasabi does has in common with sushi, just not these sticky tape. Designed by British illustrator Rosie Upright for novelty goods store, SUCK UK, the Sushi Tape is a set of four decorative paper tapes designed to look just like your favorite Japanese delicacy.

SUCK UK Sushi Tape Rosie Upright

As far as product images are concerned, they does look pretty darn realistic. Can you tell which type of sushi are they? You probably can if you are big fan of Japanese cuisine and regularly patronizes Japanese restaurants, but can you tell that they are real sushi? I know right. It almost got you, right? According to official product page, these are “decorative paper washi tapes.” Washi, btw, is a traditional Japanese paper made from local fiber, hand processed following the traditional methodology.

SUCK UK Sushi Tape Rosie Upright

However, we are not sure if its the real washi paper that each tape uses since other then sub headline, no where in the product page highlight this. Not that it matters. What matters that it is absolutely whimsical. Like, who knew tapes could be this fun, right? So fun that I would probably not use them if I had them. Anyways, if you want a set, you can acquire it from SUCK UK website for $13. It is also selling on Amazon for $11.33. Your choice.

Images: SUCK UK.

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Source: Laughing Squid.

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