Suck UK Clockwork Sharpener

Suck UK Clockwork Sharpener
Suck UK Clockwork Sharpener | £15.00 |

still prefer pencil and paper over electronic writing and doodling? then, you probably have those traditional lead pencils stash away in your pencil case that will need sharpening from time to time. not embracing the digital age doesn’t mean you have to look out-of-style cos’ there are still many novel and stylish non-tech stuff that will nudge you a notch up the style chart (yes, not only apparels do that but anything you uses say a lot about you). the Clockwork Sharpener from Suck UK is one of those non-tech objects that will do just that. fashioned after the traditional, albeit a little oversized, wind-up key and crafted from nickel-plated steel, the Clockwork Sharpener has a prominently oversized handle for easy turning the sharpener around your pencil. well, that’s about the only thing that it does. seriously. it is just a pencil sharpener, so sharpening is what it will do. of course, as bonus, it looks sleek and could be a potential conversational piece among your pencil-wielding compatriots. the Suck UK Clockwork Sharpener can be yours for £15 (about US$24) each.

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