LuminAID – An Inflatable Solar Light

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(image: LuminAID Lab) LuminAID Inflatable Solar Light | US$25.00 |

most of us lives in a comfort zone, benefitting from the latest inventions and innovations but wouldn’t it be nice if such developments also benefit the needy at the same time? the LuminAID is one innovation that does precisely that. so what exactly is a LuminAID? well, it is an inflatable solar lamp that is designed with disaster relief aid in mind. as the name suggest, it is an inflatable bag made of semi-transparent plastic material with solar-powered super bright LEDs inside, which is extremely lightweight and portable, making it suitable for disaster relief situations, as well as recreational outdoor use. to use the LuminAID, all you have to do is to let it recharge under the sun for four-six hours, inflate it and you are all set. user can choose between HIGH or LOW setting, depending on usage or applications.
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on the HIGH setting, user will get 35 lumens of brightness and roughly four hours of usage, while the LOW setting gives 20 lumens of brightness and a longer six-hours usage. it is completely waterproof and floats on water, which are important qualities for an outdoor lamp. its light weight and flat-pack design allows more LuminAID to be shipped at any one time, which means more LuminAID can be shipped to the place in need. as mentioned, this lamp isn’t just for disaster relief but it can be use on your next camping trip, saving you the hassle of carrying bulky lamps and batteries. LuminAID Lab, the brain behind this meaningful product, is seeking your help to fund this product via INDIE GOGO (similar to Kickstarter) and for each lamp ordered ($25 each), another LuminAID will be sent to a place in need. check out a short product intro video and a few more images after the break.

INDIE GOGO via Red Ferret

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