Ever wanted a home that looked like optical illusion museum? Well, you may be able to get started with this wonderful optical illusion sofa designed by Italy-based architect/designer Fabio Novembre for Italian furniture manufacturer Capellini.

Capellini Adaptation Sofa by Fabio Novembre

At a glance, the Adaptation, as it is called, appeared to be tilted, but it reality the seat is as leveled as it can be. The optical illusion is a result of the wedge-shaped seat. Brilliant. Absolutely brilliant.

I am an OCD when it comes to whether or not things are leveled, but the Adaptation does not seem to offend my eyes and that is good.

Capellini Adaptation Sofa by Fabio Novembre

I believe the design was conceived in 2016. Unfortunately, it does not appear to be on sale anymore and as such, information is sparse.

Stylepark did have some details though if anyone is interested in the specifications.

Capellini Adaptation Sofa by Fabio Novembre

The rationale behind this trick eye couch is, according to a report, “the need to adapt in such uncertain times.”

“Adaptation is a seating system confronted with the uncertainties of our time, with the precariousness of the structures, suggesting that just a little adaptative capacity is needed to continue to live and to smile. History teaches us that those who cannot adapt are doomed to extinction.”

Well, what can I say, folks? It looks like Capellini Adaptation Sofa by Fabio Novembre may be from 2016, but it definitely suited for 2020 and beyond. And oh, it actually has a single seat version too:

Capellini Adaptation Sofa by Fabio Novembre
Capellini Adaptation Sofa by Fabio Novembre

Images: Fabio Novembre.

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via Laughing Squid.

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