Balenciaga Sofa by Harry Nuriev

I am sure we are all familiar with designer furniture, but have you seen a designer furniture that actually incorporates fashion pieces? Well that, my friends, is exactly what Balenciaga Sofa by Harry Nuriev is about.

Balenciaga Sofa by Harry Nuriev

A collaborative piece between the Parisian label Balenciaga S.A. and New York-based Russian furniture designer Harry Nuriev, the Balenciaga Sofa somehow is the matrimony between a seemingly mundane furniture and fashion.

Fashion here isn’t figuratively speaking, btw. The couch is literally a fashion that you sit on. The colorful outlook is made possible by stuffing the transparent couch with a variety of apparels from Nuriev’s previous projects and off cuts and unsellable pieces from Balenciaga.

Balenciaga Sofa by Harry Nuriev

So, yeah, this sofa has garments as its fillings instead of your usual foam and springs. I imagine it will be quite a hard seat. Though I have to admit it is a very unique, conversational piece aesthetically speaking.

Not sure if it will be available for sale, but you can at least see it in flesh at the Miami Art Basel, happening from December 5-8, 2019.

Images: Inna Kablukova via Instagram (@harrynuriev).

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Source: Highsnobiety.